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You don't have to wait for an e-mail response, try here first …

· Do you have any free educational materials? Yes! Great stuff!

· Where is the Greeting Card? Here

· Do you have any projects that can be used for schools, youth groups, community groups, etc? More

· Do you have any suggestions for topics for papers, discussions, or speeches?

· We want to make a link to your site. What do we do?
As long as your site is in good taste and not offensive to children, go for it! Thanks!

· We want to use your work on our website. What should we do?

· Can we use your images in our book, newspaper, magazine, etc? Usually...if the publication is in good taste and compatible with our mission.  We like to say Yes. Contact us.

· Do you ever do any consulting? Yes!

· Do you have any free stuff that you can send us?
Nothing by snail mail…everything we have is on our website.
Feel free to print out anything that you find useful.

· If we use your materials or real tobacco ads will we get sued?
Probably not. There are exceptions to the copyright laws for parody, social commentary, education, etc. For more info

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