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BADvertising Resume-US (1986-2000)

Bonnie Vierthaler, MFA...Artist and Educator

Artist and Creator of The Joy of Smoking...A Spoof on Cigarette Advertising, a traveling exhibit of 63 matted and framed collages; all are doctored-up tobacco ads.

Founder and Director of The BADvertising Institute, a small business devoted to immunizing young people against deceitful advertising. The Joy of Smoking images have been made available as slides, posters, post cards, overheads, T-shirts, billboards, and bus cards for educational purposes. The BADvertising images, educational philosophy, teaching tips and order form can be found on the World Wide Web at www.badvertising.org.

Her spoof on tobacco ads has been featured on the national news (including NBC) and a 1 hour television special (CNN) as well as in the AMA's American Medical News, Ad-Buster’s Quarterly, Mother Jones, Coping, The Journal of Health Education, Hippocrates, Addiction & Recovery, Medical Self-care, Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners, Wisconsin Medical Journal, and Encyclopedia Britannica's medical update.

Educator teaching art, and through the arts, since 1963. Current BADvertising Workshops teach children how to BADvertise (learn about cause and effect by creating their own doctored-up tobacco ads) and teach educators how to incorporate the BADvertising approach to into their own tobacco education programs.

With an introduction by Joan Lunden, her work with children was featured in Smoking and Your Child, a closed-circuit TV special for doctor’s offices. It’s still available as a full-length video called Tobacco-Free You and Me.

Published in The New Jersey Journal of Medicine and Advance for Respiratory Care Practitioners.

Conference Presenter STAT ‘96 (Stop Teenage Addiction To Tobacco), NY ASSIST, TX Dept. of Health, NJ Medical Society, NJ GASP, WA State Medical Society, NALBOH (Nat’l Assn. of Local Boards of Health), NY Society of Public Health Educators, 10th World Conference On Tobacco Or Health, in Beijing, China.

A Fellowship and Two Grants from The National Endowment for the Arts.

Artist-in-Residence for the City of Seattle and for the Washington State Arts Commission.

Honored by Who’s Who In American Art, The Giraffe Award, given internationally to people who stick their necks out for the common good, and The Disinformation Award for top 1% in quality and content on The Web. (And Who's Who in the World from 2007).

Education BS in Art Education from the Univ. of WI; Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Univ. of GA.

Resume-US | Resume-China
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