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  • Bonnie Vierthaler is an artist, educator, mother, and founder of The BADvertising Institute
  • She has a Master of Fine Arts Degree and a BS in Art Education.
  • Her work has been seen on national television, billboards, and featured in newspapers and magazines from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine.
  • Her art hangs on the wall in all fifty states, and in such far away places as China, England, France, Sweden, Russia, Brazil, India, South Korea, and Bangladesh.
  • Her work has been featured in The American Medical News, the Encyclopedia Britannica Medical Update, and numerous text books.
  • She's listed in Who's Who in American Art and Who's Who in the World.
  • She's been honored with The Giraffe Award, presented internationally to people who stick their necks out in the public interest.
  • Her award-winning BADvertising web site is often listed first in Tobacco Advertising and Counter-Advertising on Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL.
  • Her BADvertising programs at the 10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Beijing, China were enthusiastically received and prompted her move to China.
  • By teaching Spoken English and lecturing in Chinese Universities, Junior Highs and High Schools, she has reached thousands of Chinese students with her BADvertising message. (teachers and administrators, as well)
  • Students at Xiamen University are carrying her work forward with a new association called Green Breathing.
  • Her BADvertising work has been featured in numerous Chinese newspapers and TV programs. Green Breathing has received international recognition.
  • She's a former smoker
  • With a sense of mission accomplished, she has recently returned to her life's mission of bringing beauty and light into the world
What's the BADvertising Institute
Artist | Awards | History | Resumes | Successes
China | US | The Buzz | Products | Services

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