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Killer Vocabulary


Tobacco Kills--Let's not mince words!

A Life-Saving Vocabulary for a Killer Custom

Recent studies have proven that smoking kills and secondhand smoke is deadly to those who breathe it. We have words for people whose actions kill others, intentionally or unintentionally. The actions are called murder, homicide, and manslaughter. We call the people killers or murderers.

After years of Big Tobacco lulling the masses into thinking that there really isn’t harm in smoking; that we just need to be more polite to one another, we need to employ these more accurate words to jolt people into comprehending the seriousness of the situation . We need to adjust our modern-day vocabulary to accommodate and communicate what we’ve learned.

Killer Vocabulary

Tobacco Kills

Smoking = Suicide
  吸烟 = 自杀

Selling Cigarettes = Homicide
  出售香烟 = 杀人

Target Marketing of Cigarettes = Genocide
香烟的目标市场 = 灭绝种族大屠杀

Permitting Smoking = Assisted Suicide

Smoking Around Children = Child Abuse & Infanticide
  在孩子旁边抽烟 = 虐待儿童(杀儿童者)

Giving Cigarettes to Others = Fratricide
  给别人香烟 = 杀害兄弟

Selling Tobacco Products = Contract Killing

Selling tobacco Products = Manslaughter

Introducing cheap, entry-level tobacco products in 3 rd world countries = Ethnic Cleansing

Outdoor Cafes that permit Smoking = Manslaughter Cafes

Smoking Sections = Spew-Poisons-on-Everyone Sections

Smoking section = Pollution Pit

Smoking Section—Suicide/ Death Section

Smoking Rooms = Right-To-Die Rooms

Private Smoking Clubs = Suicide Chambers

Tobacco Sellers = Merchants of Death and Disease

Cigarette = Murder Weapon

Evidence of a tobacco-related death = A Smoking Gun

Children of Smokers = Secondhand Children

Tobacco Companies = Big Tobacco

The Tobacco Industry = The Tobacco Cartel

Doctors Who Smoke = Guilty of Malpractice

Doctors Who Don’t Help Their Patients Quit Smoking = Guilty of Malpractice

Smoking in Movies = ?

Gifts of fine cigars to high officials = Attempted Assignation

Selling Tobacco Products = “My profits are more important than your life”.

People who advocate for so-called smokers’ rights = right-to-die groups

Tobacco Advertising = Intention to Kill

Money earned by Selling Tobacco = Blood Money

Smokers = Users

Tobacco Sellers are Pushers

A Cigarette = A Lethal Weapon

Tobacco Sellers = Sellers of Lethal Weapons

Tobacco Manufacturers = Producers of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Shipping & Delivering Tobacco Products = Drug Running

Secondhand smoke = "smoke harboring inhaleable toxins"

The only term for secondhand smoke that the tobacco cartel refuses to use is

"Tobacco Smoke Pollution"

  • smoking in the Movies = Glamorizing Death
  • Tobacco Companies = Licensed to Kill (why give them any superlative, i.e. BIG?)
  • smokers = nicotine addicts

People who give cigarettes to children + Tobaccophile

Tobacconists = Accessories to murder

Big Tobacco = Co conspirators

Cigarette Smugglers = Terrorists

On the positive….Cigarette cessation specialists = Life Savers

NRT = Time bomb defusing device




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