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Ideas for new Warning Labels

Design a Warning Label or package wrapper to be adopted for use by states, counties, or towns:

      * Enlist Mr Yuk labels or poison warnings
      * Print a list of ingredients to go on a package of cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, or pipe tobacco.

      * State that purchase of this product absolves the county from its obligation to pay for the purchaser's treatment of asthma, cancer, emphysema, etc.

    Here a few more ideas...

Warning: by purchasing this product you give up the right to collect medical payment from any insurance company or taxpayer moneys. You’re on your own, Bucco.

Warning: A portion of your cigarette tax money is being used to care for the smokers who are sick and dying from using this product. When everyone else quits smoking, who will take care of you?

Warning: A percentage of the profits from this pack of cigarettes will go towards… plush carpeting for Art Museums.around the world. Thanks for giving your life for the cause.

or cushy seats for the Opera House.

or supporting political candidates who will defend tobacco abuses

or paying for seasoned lobbyists to put the squeeze on honest politicians.

or think-tanks for plotting devious schemes to dupe little children into thinking that smoking is cool.

or hiring sleazy lawyers to find loopholes in the laws about smoking.

Ideas & Quotes | Scenarios | Slogans | Warning Labels

Killer VocabularyBBS Intro | Ideas | Images | Showcase
Link to BADvertising BBS coming soon

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