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Why we need to BADvertise

Preaching against the ills of tobacco has not helped young people to resist the ubiquitous, misleading imagery aimed at them by corporate giants. Neither have the small warning labels.

Children are better informed than ever before about the hazards of tobacco use, yet the number of children starting to smoke is on the rise.

Statistics now show that facts and information can't begin to compete with the persuasive imagery employed by the tobacco industry.


Information may influence what we think,


but it is imagery that kindles desire, and desire determines behavior.




Trying to counter the tobacco industry's seductive imagery with information is like trying to put out a forest fire by reciting the list of items that we'll need to do the job.


We can't solve a right brain problem with a left-brain tool.


We need the right tool
for the right job!

We need to fight fire
with fire...

Fight images with images...

powerful images that expose the whole tobacco mystique and the disastrous effect that it's having worldwide.


While the BADvertising imagery reveals and disempowers things that we don't want,

like large corporations deceiving little children into deadly addictions,

the BADvertising process kindles a desire for the things that we do want...like truth, honesty, compassion, justice, and a healthy future.


  • Warnings are often forgotten, and lecturing seldom gets through.

When the truth is too painful to confront head-on,
a little humor
goes a long way!

What is BADvertising| BADvertising Goals | How It Works
Why It Works | Why we need to BADvertise

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