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How does BADvertising work?

Through the process of gathering the ads, it becomes obvious who's being targeted where and with what techniques.


When workshop participants search for images that depict the actual effects of tobacco use, they get into the medical journals and find a plethora of medications and torturous-looking medical devices being advertised.



They see photos of sick people and their various diseases


  • They want to know which sicknesses require which treatments, and which are caused by tobacco.
  • They see for themselves that almost all of these awful diseases could be avoided by making positive lifestyle choices.

  • They also see that there is a huge, thriving medical / pharmaceutical / health care/ quit- smoking industry profiting from smokers and their devastating misfortune.




Seeing the discrepancy between the ads and what really happens
violates their sense of justice.






Their indignation awakens in them a desire to take a stand for truth and honesty.


They feel a calling to alert and protect the next target audience.5

When they compare the glamour of the tobacco ads with more the more difficult truthful imagery and begin to synthesize the conflicting images,

something happens on a very deep level
and they comprehend the problem in a way that is profound and truly their own.

The creative process kindles in them new skills and confidence.

They come away feeling empowered and eager to share the truth and create some "peer pressure" in a positive, constructive direction.

What is BADvertising| BADvertising Goals | How It Works
Why It Works | Why we need to BADvertise

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