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BADvertising Goals

The BADvertising Institute seeks to:

  • Eliminate the desire and demand for tobacco by changing attitudes and beliefs at the decision-making level.

  • Demonstrate the value of a right-brain, hands-on, visual approach in changing attitudes and behavior.

  • Cultivate a desire for things that will add love and beauty, truth and justice, peace and compassion, joy and laughter to the mix of our world.

  • Eliminate the need for our services.

We seek to accomplish these goals by sharing important information about the tobacco issues and
by offering
an engaging technique for comparing the truth with the tobacco company motives and messages. Through this activity young people will…

Experience a new way of seeing.

  • Learn to see through the deceptive advertising, marketing, and promotional ploys of the tobacco companies.

  • Get wise to the tricks used by the tobacco companies to fool the public into thinking that they are responsible corporate citizens.

  • Discover who’s profiting, who’s being manipulated and used, and who’s losing in the fight against tobacco use.

  • Find that the tobacco problem is more than just a health issue...it also has political, economic, cultural, religious, ethical, environmental, and social ramifications. Awareness and education are needed on all fronts.

  • Experience a deeper appreciation for the terrible suffering and damage caused by smoking and secondhand smoke.

  • Develop their own immunity against the lure of tobacco.

  • Realize the advantages of being smokefree.

  • Discover the relationship between cause and effect.

  • Learn how to resist the social pressures to smoke.

  • Learn how to protect themselves against secondhand smoke.

  • Feel inspired to quit smoking and find some useful skills for doing so.

  • Cultivate healthy decision-making skills and lasting inner wisdom.

When the truth is discovered...

They will be shocked, horrified, disgusted, and repulsed by the debilitating and deadly effects of tobacco use.




They will be apalled at the tobacco industry's willful lack of regard for human life.



They will be outraged at the tobacco companies for intentionally addicting their loved ones to lives of needless excruciating suffering, poverty, and premature death.





They will refuse to be used as pawns in the tobacco companies ruthless and self-serving schemes to sell tobacco at any cost.



BADvertising offers a lively, engaging
way to reach these goals.





What is BADvertising| BADvertising Goals | How It Works
Why It Works | Why we need to BADvertise

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