How To Create Your Own Honest Ads Haydee


BADvertising is a special way of seeing; a way of thinking. Anyone can Badvertise, any time, by looking for the truth behind an ad.

BADvertising 是您视觉和思维比较特殊的方法。任何人,任何时间,通过寻找广告背后的真相,都可以制作。

To actually construct your own "BAD-Ads", all you need is…

实际上要构造你自己的 "BAD-Ads", 你需要什么呢 …

  • Lots of discarded magazines and medical journals
  • 很多被丢弃的杂志和医学期刊
  • Scissors
  • 剪刀
  • Re-stickable glue sticks
  • 可以重复粘贴的胶水
  • Background paper (9 x 12" black construction paper makes a stunning display for a group of pictures)
  • 背景纸张( 9 × 12 黑色建筑图纸可以让您的 BAD-Ads 漂亮出众)

You can BADvertise with family and friends around the kitchen table, as a class project, or as an ice-breaker at a professional meeting. (Don't forget to document the process with plenty of photos as you go!)

您可以和您的家人和朋友在厨房的餐桌上制作 BAD-Ads BADvertising 广告,可以像一个班级的项目,或像破冰者一样在专业的集会上(当你们在进行的时候,别忘了用很多的图片来证明你们的观点)。

Start with a Truth-in-Advertising Show and Tell


  • Round up a heap of popular magazines. Take a look! Which ones have tobacco ads? Who are they targeting? What is their message? And what methods do they use to communicate that message?
  • 集拢大量的流行杂志。看一看,哪一些有香烟广告?他们的广告目标是什么?他们的信息是什么,他们用什么方法来传达他们的信息?
  • What do the ads really want you to do?
  • 广告真正想要你做什么?
  • Tear out all of the tobacco ads. (While you're at it, tear out the alcohol ads or any other ads that deceive the viewer).
  • 撕下所有的香烟广告,(当你看到的时候,撕下酒的广告或其他一些欺骗观众的广告)

At the same time, tear out any pictures that communicate a more honest impression about what really happens when you use tobacco. Put these "honest" pictures in a separate pile. Don't forget to look in the medical journals.


Invite a doctor to come in to talk about the ads in the medical journals. Which ads depict diseases caused by tobacco use? Compare the ads for prescription drugs and medical equipment with the tobacco ads. Many big businesses are profiting from tobacco-related illnesses. What are the political and economic ramifications?


How To Create your own "Hone ads" ...


Spread out the ads on the floor. Put all of your dishonest ads in one area. Put all of your "honest" images together in another area. Take it all in.


This is a game of "matching". It's best to work quickly with what you've got. Don't think too much! Check out the messages, the colors, the sizes of the images. Are there some that just seem to go together?


Choose the tobacco ads and the honest images that you want to work with.


Cut out the honest images, and place them on top of the tobacco ads. You can lay the pieces directly on a piece of black construction paper, or any kind of backing while you're working. This will hold your BAD-Ad together while you work and serve as the frame when you're finished.

把诚实的图片剪下来,把他们放在香烟广告的上面,你可以把这些剪下来的图片直接放在一张黑色的建筑图纸上,或当你做的时候用的背景图纸上。当你在做的时候,这可以保持你的 BAD-Ad 在一起,当你做好的时候,它就像个画框一样。

When you have something that looks good and makes a strong, honest statement, set it aside and go on to another. Don't glue anything down yet. If one ad doesn't work out as you had hoped, set it aside and try another. You may get some even better ideas as you continue working.


When you've exhausted your ideas (or the time limit), glue your BAD-Ad pieces in place with the re-stick able glue stick and paste the whole thing to the construction paper.

当你想的很充分了(或时间有限),把你的 BAD-Ad 图片块用可以重复粘贴的胶水棒粘合,整个粘贴在建筑图纸上。

NOTE: You can also do your BADvertising on the computer. It's a more cerebral and solitary approach, but you can BADvertise anything that you can scan or capture on camera.

注意:你也可以在电脑上做你的 BADvertising ,这是比较睿智的寂寞的途径,但你可以用所有你能扫描或照相机拍到的图片来制作你的 BADvertising

If you're not a computer whiz, enlist the aid of the computer wizards at your local schools, universities, NGO's, or corporations.

如果你不是电脑高手,可以争取你当地学校、大学、 NGO's 或公司的电脑奇才的帮助

    • S how the World
      • Find public spaces to exhibit your newly BADvertised ads...hospitals, banks, libraries, shopping malls, movie theaters, bowling alleys, shop windows, everywhere! Use your imagination.
      • 找一些公共场所来展出你新的 BADvertised 广告,医院,银行,图书馆,购物商场,电影院,保龄球的球道,商店橱窗,到处都可以。发挥你的想象力。
      • Put your BAD-Ads up on billboards. (Go directly to a billboard company or ask a tobacco prevention organization to help you.)
      • 把你的 BAD 广告贴在广告牌上(直接到广告牌的制作公司或请烟草预防组织帮忙)
      • Print your BAD-Ads on T-shirts, book bags, jackets, restaurant place mats, dirigibles... Anything's possible!
      • 把你自己的 BAD-Ads 印在 T-shirts 、书包、夹克,饭店座位的垫子、气球上,任何地方都有可能。
      • Send out press releases! Call the newspapers; alert the radio and TV stations. Create a buzz on the talk shows.
      • 发送新闻稿!打电话给报纸;堤防广播电台,谈话的时候制作让电话占线的声音
      • You might want to build a BADvertising Team. Include community leaders who can help you get your out into the world.
      • 你也许想组建一支 BADvertising 队,包括那些能帮你把你的 BAD-Ads 出版到全世界的社区领导

"Make a BAD-Ad; save a life!"

制作一个 Honest Ad 广告,挽救一条生命

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