BADvertising in the US

BADvertising 在美国


Now that I'm living, teaching and BADvertising in China , my BADvertising Workshops and Train-the-Trainer Seminars are being done during my winter and summer breaks from school.

虽然我现在生活、工作并且做 BADvertising 在中国, 我原来的 BADvertising 在美国 工作室和培训工作在暑假和寒假期间还照样进行。

I do BADvertising consulting and program design from China during the year. The Badvertising products, on the other hand are available year-round through the kindness of the folks at New Jersey GASP (Group Against Smoking Pollution)

在过去的时间里,我继续 BADvertising 的咨询工作和项目设计,有关产品可以长年获得,这要感谢在美国新泽西洲的同乡,一群反对吸烟污染的人士。

NJ GASP □ Our Home Away From Home


Just months after the inception of the Joy of Smoking…A Spoof on Cigarette Advertising, the folks at NJ GASP recognized the value of the BADvertising approach in impacting attitudes and behavior. They quickly put the exhibit to work all around New Jersey ... in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and legislative hearings! Their continued efforts and encouragement have been responsible for many of the BADvertising successes over the years.

“吸烟非常快乐”(这是对香烟广告的戏弄)播出不久,美国新泽西洲的同乡看到 BADvertising 对于改变人们对吸烟态度和行为的价值,迅速在全新泽西洲的学校、医院,购物场所和立法院的听证会上进行展览宣传。他们持续不断的努力对 BADvertising 的成功起了很大作用。

Over the years they have:


1 、 Arranged, coordinated, and facilitated appearances of the Joy of Smoking throughout the state of New Jersey

•  一直在安排、协调和帮助“吸烟快乐”在新泽西洲的推广工作。

•  Assisted in promoting the BADvertising work to those who would benefit

但另外一方面,也向那些将要受惠的人士推广 BADvertising

•  Elicited prime TV news coverage of the economic censorship practiced by top NJ newspapers when they refused to run the photo of the Crush-Proof Box that accompanied the schedule of appearances of the Joy of Smoking exhibit in NJ. They were afraid of alienating their regular tobacco advertisers.


4 、 Featured the artist and the Joy of Smoking Exhibit at their Annual Meeting , Awarded a grant to the artist in support of the BADvertising work.

在“吸烟快乐展览”的年度会议上,引人注目的是为 BADvertising 本人颁发了一笔奖金。

5 、 Assisted in the BADvertising programs done for NJ ASSIST. Provided a home base from which the artist and the exhibit could travel throughout the state of NJ.

另外,对 BADvertising 的支持还包括为他们提供了一个基地,在此,我和展示品可以在全新泽西洲巡回旅游和展出。

6 、 Serving as the US office for the BADvertising Institute since 2000, when the artist and BADvertising moved to China.handling the shipping of BADvertising Slide Kits and Posters, and other business matters,

作为美国 BADvertising 在中国的一个办事处,自 2000 年以来,艺术家们和 BADvertising 的展示幻灯片和广告海报通过船运到中国。

7 、 For all this, and so much more, the BADvertising Institute and all who have benefited extend our deepest appreciation and most sincere thanks! Bonnie Vierthaler, Artist, Educator, Founder The BADvertising Institute Honest Tobacco Ads Since 1986

为了所有这些,白倪女士,一位艺术家和教育工作者, BADvertising 研究会的发起者,以及美国“诚实烟草广告公司”特地表示深深的感谢

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