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Funding for BADvertising Projects

You can find funding for BADvertising Products and Services. as well as BADvertising projects of your own.

There is a growing awareness that children who are emotionally well-balanced and fulfilled in their lives are less apt to turn to drugs, including tobacco.

Hence, there is growing interest in, and funding for, programs that teach children to develop their own creative abilities and positive forms of expression. This builds confidence and self-esteem, minimizing the need for external fulfillment.

The BADvertising workshops, seminars, and materials are frequently purchased by or funded by the following organizations. If you have budgetary constraints, you might check them out.

Organizations with tobacco prevention programs

If the organizations themselves don t have an over-abundance of funds, they may be able to direct you to some supportive individuals.

  • CAT-Communities Against Tobacco--Check with your State Health Department. Their program might have a different name.
  • DARE to say no to drugs -- programs run by local police departments. They include tobacco prevention.
  • American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, Heart Association -- local chapters have tobacco prevention components and sometimes go into the schools.

Doctors, Dentists, Medical Clinics and Dental Clinics

  • Individuals often want to help and they aren't burdened by red tape. They can just say yes. One person, or several, for the price of an evening out, can help many children.

Hospitals and HMOs

Contact the Public Relations, Community Service, Respiratory Care or Pediatrics Departments.

Organizations of Health Care Professionals

  • DOC (Doctors Oughta Care) -- contact the national office for local chapters (713) 798-7746.
  • American Association of Family Physicians, Respiratory Therapists, etc. -- large professional organizations whose members see the effects of tobacco frequently are eager to support worthwhile projects.

Other Interested Organizations

  • Scouts, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs often have tobacco or drug prevention programs -- if they don' t, you might get them rolling.
  • Don' t overlook the Rotary, Kiwanis, Shriners, Chamber of Commerce, and so on. They all have a vested interest in the health and welfare of the young people in their community.

Do your own Fundraiser (Funraiser)

These activities not only help you to finance your projects but they also call attention to the problem that you are addressing, so you win twice. Don't for get to call in the media!

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