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BADvertising Programs

BADvertising Train-the-Trainer Seminars


The BADvertising Train-the-Trainer Seminar is conducted by artist, Bonnie Vierthaler who began doctoring-up tobacco ads in 1986 and has been BADvertising ever since. No preaching; no prohibition! The seminar teaches educators how to teach kids to BADvertise (doctor-up tobacco ads to make them honest)....and why.

Like the BADvertising Workshops the Train-the-Trainer Seminar consists of four parts, but includes discussion of 'Why's and Hows" as we go along:

(1) An introductory slide show depicts the techniques used by tobacco companies to manipulate, rip-off and ultimately destroy unsuspecting young people. Vierthaler goes on to show how BADvertising can very effectively counter insidious tobacco imagery and turn the powerful ads against themselves, using examples of her own work. (30-90 minutes)

(2) A “show and tell” survey of images allows participants to examine popular magazines for tobacco advertising and discuss their observations. Medical journals will be reviewed for honest images. A medical professional will be on hand to help explain which treatments go with which diseases and which diseases are caused by smoking. Various options for presenting this part of the program to the young people will be discussed. (60-90 minutes)

(3) A hands-on workshop. Once the participants are sufficiently outraged and their juices are flowing, Vierthaler invites them to tell the truth about tobacco and expose the hypocrisy of tobacco advertising. They already have the BADvertising concept; now they are introduced to some basic collage (cut and paste) techniques. Using tobacco ads and images from medical journals that they bring in, they doctor-up the ads to make them honest. (1-3 hours)

(4) The wrap-up. Discuss the effectiveness of the collages and how they might be used to communicate a counter-advertising message to the world; which collages would be bold and strong enough for a billboard or a T-shirt; which ones would work well for an art exhibit or for placemats in a restaurant. Share the feelings and insights that came up during the creative process and how their perception of advertising has changed and how this will manifest in their lives and how they can share this with others. (30-90 minutes)

The format of the Seminar:

(1) The trainers will experience the same material that is presented to the children. and we'll get the same juices flowing.

In addition, the trainers will address the philosophy of how and why BADvertising works, as well as the nuts and bolts issues of how to turn the kids on instead of turning them off, how to conduct effective workshops, how to maximize the impact of the workshop by getting the BADvertising message out into the community, and other issues of interest to educators.

(2) The time allotment and format of the seminar can be tailored to meet the needs of the particular situation.

(3) A successful workshop requires time for giving each individual some personal attention. A one-hour workshop could accommodate up to 30-40 trainers or 20-30 children, with at least one assistant for every 10 children or 20 adults.

(4) The Slide Show and Wrap Up Session can both be opened to a larger audience.


The BADvertising concept has been received enthusiastically by young people since 1986.

The images were first available as a traveling exhibition, The Joy of Smoking...A Spoof on Cigarette Advertising, (students would drag their friends from the other end of the school to see particular images) and subsequently as posters, a slide show, a web site, and workshops.

Judging by the requests for the materials and workshops and the numerous e-mail responses via the BADvertising Web Site, more and more teachers, health educators, doctors, hospitals, health care and substance abuse professionals, health and education departments are seeing the value of this right-brain approach and incorporating it into programs of their own.

Responses to presentations of the BADvertising work at state and national conferences as well as the World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Beijing, China (1997) have affirmed that the BADvertising images and the Badvertising approach have a universal appeal and application; they have been applauded by tobacco prevention educators world wide.


BADvertising Workshops | Train-the-Trainer Seminars
Kudos from Cranford
| Tips for Workshop Leaders

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