BADvertising Goals Sandy

BADvertising 目标


The BADvertising Institute seeks to:

The BADvertising Institute追求的目标:


  • Eliminate the desire and the demand for tobacco by changing attitudes and beliefs at the decision-making level.
  • Demonstrate the value of a right-brain, hands-on, visual approach in changing attitudes and behavior.
  • Eliminate the need for our services.
  • 在决定是否吸烟的阶段改变态度与信念,由此来消除对烟草的渴望与需求。
  • 改变态度与行为时采取右脑思维和眼观手动的方式,展示该方式的优势。
  • 让您最终脱离对我们服务的需求。


We seek to accomplish these goals by sharing important information about the tobacco issues and offering an engaging technique for comparing the truth with the tobacco company motives and messages. Through this activity young people will…


  • Experience a new way of seeing.
  • Learn to see through the deceptive advertising, marketing, and promotional ploys of the tobacco companies.
Get wise to the tricks used by the tobacco companies to fool the public into thinking that they are responsible corporate
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